The post-industrial chimneys of Aalst, Belgium, spit out VVYNN.

Angie's lead vocals might seduce you, but beneath them lie the anger, fear and hope of three born-too-late Generation X'ers.

VVYNN is currently working on their debut album.


Elise Maertens made a little docu about VVYNN during the Corona Lockdown.

You can watch it here (in Dutch).At the end of the video, there's a live-session of our song 'Heartaches'.


Didier Becu - Luminous Dash: 

"Exhale gaat heel diep en blijft nijdig tot op de laatste seconde. Bijna even teneergeslagen als In The Shade Of The Sun van Kapitan Korsakov dat is. Vrolijk word je er niet van, behalve misschien door het feit dat je dit kleinood hebt ontdekt, want dit behoort tot het betere Belgische werk dat we gehoord hebben de laatste maanden."

"Moaning tapt uit een ander vaatje, ook al blijft het ook hier kwaliteitswijn. Een traag opbouwende song die niet zou misstaan hebben op U.F.O.F. van Big Thief. Dat we dat schrijven, ja! VVYNN, hun bedje lijkt gespreid…"

JJ - Turn Up The Volume Blog:

"Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read : win) made a strong impression with their first
two EPs, ‘Crumble’ in 2017 and ‘Lux’ released last year. Turn Up The Volume said back
then: “This is a threesome of gifted youngsters producing amplified guitar pop with a healthy dose of rousing adrenalin, balancing between Kristin Hersh‘s ardent Throwing Muses and
Tanya Donelly’s starry-eyed Belly, but less polished.”

"The thrilling three-piece is finally back with two new impassioned and most captivating singles at the same time showing the band’s great leap forward. Sonically they moved towards PJ Harvey territory. You can feel her electric intensity, her wayward view on pop and rock music and her astonishing voice here in Vvynn‘s new work tremendously well.

Both new striking crackerjacks are remarkable for their compelling, high-powered, and
dynamic structure dragging you slowly but surely into its frenetic guitar-dominated vehemence and soul-stirring tenseness fueled by a robust drums/bass tandem, while frontwoman Angie‘s vocals send shivers down your spine. Welcome back VVYNN!"



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